Alessandro A. Nacci is COO of Bottega52 SRL (a consultancy technical provider in the IoT field) and CEO of Sofia SRL (a start-up financed by Telecom Italia proving smart access control system solutions). In 2015 he has been co-founder of Skrlla Inc., a fintech start-up based in San Francisco, in which he served as mobile software engineer He has a master degree and a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. He served as researcher on IoT related topics at Politecnico di Milano, Ecole polytechnique federale de Lausanne and University of California in San Diego. He is currently also a teaching assistant at Politecnico di Milano.


Email is the quickest way to contact me.

  • mail@alessandronacci.it
  • alessandro.nacci@polimi.it

NECST Laboratory
Dipartimento di Elettronica ed Informazione
Politecnico di Milano
Via Ponzio 45/5, MI 20133
P: +39 02 23993564

Research Projects

  • EnergyBox
  • NeoN
  • morphone
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Complete CV

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Selected Publications

A High-Level Synthesis Flow for the Implementation of Iterative Stencil Loop Algorithms on FPGA Devices

A. A. Nacci, V. Rana, I. Beretta, F. Bruschi, D. Atienza, D. Sciuto;
BEST PAPER CANDIDATE DAC 2013 - Accepted to appears -

Efficient Hardware Design Of Iterative Stencil Loops

V. Rana, I. Beretta, F. Bruschi, A. A. Nacci, D. Atienza, D. Sciuto
IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems - Accepted to Appear on 29 February 2016
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